Wednesday, July 08, 2009

JLA to team up with Muslim Counterpart, the 99

This is cool-- the New York Times reports that the JLA (DC) will team up with The 99 (Teshkeel Media Group) a group of Islamic superheroes imbued with powers from gemstones containing the light of reason which, in classic superhero style, were scattered across the world. You can read the first issue of the comic at Fabian Nicieza, who has written Azrael and for The 99, will be writing-- no word on the artist yet.


Jim said...

I can't wait to see how The 99 react to Wonder Woman turning up in her underwear.

b said...

haha, well- maybe it will finally be wonder woman's underwear that will end up crossing religious/ethnic lines in favor of "boys will be boys"?

or maybe she'll put on some pants?


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