Saturday, August 01, 2009

Retro Book Covers for the Future

Check out the rest! Harry Potter by MS Corley. He has also given Narnia the treament.

As promised, I Can Read Movies series from Spacesick. Don't forget to check out the rest.

There's been a small spate of book cover designs projects modeled on old classic Penguin/60-70s book covers. The results are quite extraordinary. The designers pare down the book, movie, or video game to a few elements descriptive of the entire product. Not only do these artists have a good eye for design, but they also have a sense of how essential evocative symbols are in describing something much larger, especially because books and movies-- stories, basically-- require time and dedication because they exist as complete products, as "whole" or "big" pictures. The symbols must intrigue someone enough to spend time on further exploration.

Also check out the video game series, including Zelda, GoldenEye, GTA IV, and Silent Hill, by Olly Moss.

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PerfectHannah said...

Stumbled on this post. Amazingly cool, thanks for sharing.


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