Monday, July 06, 2009

Am I allowed to like that Lady Gaga song?

Another one of these-- coming to terms with guilty pleasures.

"Poker Face" is a great pop song, with good hooks and effects, where the lyrics don't even matter right off the bat. One youtuber seems to have thought it was "fucker face," which it might as well have been for all anybody cares. The actual lines aren't much more inspiring than that. And I thought it was "he'll reply" rather than "Can't read my--," though in my defense, my guess made sense-- I thought it was about texting, and "the poker face" meant she was not responding, or maybe he wasn't. Who knows.

Basically, "Poker Face" is fun, as agreed, but uninspiring. I heard it at the supermarket today (why do these places not carry sesame oil?), and all my exposure to the song has been in similar locations, but even though you can kinda groove to the song while you're poking the suspicious 99-cent peaches, and even if you go look up the music video when you get home, there's nothing there that makes me want to go look at her other songs, or even sit through the video. It's the case of bringing it up in one tab and looking at Smoking Gun mugshots in another tab.

The video, as far as I can tell, has some really sweet Great Danes and a strip poker game, though for allergic-to-pants Lady Gaga, the rules are different. Instead of losing an item of clothing, she has to change into an even uglier outfit, leaving her at the end with a stupid big bow in her hair and the guy next to her in his boxers. This is actually important because Lady Gaga as a media figure is irritating; she is doing nothing good for fashion and the extremities of her style makes her persona more attention-whoring than innovative. So when you don't need to watch the video, you don't have to worry about whether or not you like the singer.


Jim said...

The chorus bit annoys the Holy Hell out of me.

My puffy shirt choice is more Seinfeld, pirate style puffy. I swear Shane MacGowan was wearing a shirt like that one time I saw the Pogues. I'm convinced he nicked it from the set of The Libertine.

b said...

heh- i can see him running off with the whole rack of puffy shirts and only realizing his mistake in the morning, production assistants chasing him like it'll save their job....:p


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