Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Swimming Pools

In the same vein, indie rock came be just as big of a guilty pleasure as pop. So here we have--

Thao and the Get Down Stay Down-- let us ignore for a sec the insufferable indie rock band name here + (while I can't speak for the personality of Thao, who is a fine vocalist) an ethnic name to remind us that Asians can be insufferable indie rockers too-- make pretty typical indie rock, fronted by a pretty typical female vocal style that is just as dependent on the actual voice as it seems to be on the singer's attempt to swallow her tongue before she gets too excited and starts making the occasional stab at subdued yelps-- a suppressed Karen O.

But they do, I just found out, have a pretty interesting song called "Swimming Pools." Ignoring the pretty typical indie rock lyrics (stuff about "we" and "us" and "little girls"), it's a fun bouncy song with a banjo and an infectious beat reminiscent of Pascal. You can check out an interview with the lead singer (below); not terribly essential reading but the host site has quite a bit to offer.

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