Thursday, January 29, 2009

Looking Ahead from Freezing-Land

1. It is so darn cold in Maine.
2. Another radio show again, this time on Saturday 10-11 am EST. Hopefully, playlists will be posted here again.
3. Reel Big Fish concert review coming soon. Once I stop being lazy.
4. Possible an Andrew Bird concert review soon-like?
5. It is still so fucken cold here. So much snow.

In the meantime:


b said...

heh heh. i love this picture. when you put it after "in the meantime," it's like giving the middle finger, but all classy cinematically-aware and like.

C said...

cos I'm a classy bum. yes, indeed. tee hee hee.
I put it as the background of the lib circ desk computer, but someone changed it about a week later. I got a good giggle.


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