Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Beard Revolution

I'm not a huge fan of beards (yeah, I'm talking to you, guy waiting for the L train), but I was recently introduced to Australian band The Beards, who, as they say in their song "Beard Revolution," are determined to bring the beard to the forefront of facial hair culture. With songs like "A Wizard Needs a Beard" and "It Only Takes a Fortnight" and "No Beard No Good,"a separatist bearded anthem, it's easy to see that these guys are hardliner beard proponents, and they spread the message with what they call "bearded folk rock." Their influences, listed on their myspace, include "ZZ Top, The Beatles (during their bearded era), Kram from Spiderbait, The Bearded BeeGee, Abraham Lincoln, basically anyone with a decent beard."

The songs are absurd and clever, and from the sound of some of the live tracks they have on their page, they sound like they put on a fun show. There are six songs available for listening on their page. My favorite is "Beard Revolution," with lyrics like "My friend Eddie's got no beard, he wants to grow one but he can't!" (poor Eddie) and "A Wizard Needs a Beard," which lists various groups required to have beards, including "bearded thugs."


Northern Jon said...

This band sounds great.
My Wife wont let me grow a beard, which is OK cos I cant anyway.

Jim said...

Since I'm currently jobless, I'm rocking the beard since I don't need to shave.
There's problems with this, mainly being (1) I can't grow a proper beard and (2) it's ginger, obviously.

Jim said...

Beard update: It got really annoying, so I shaved.

I can tell you were dying to know that B :)

Oh while I'm here, did you ever get the Oldboy OST that I sent over ages ago?


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