Monday, January 26, 2009

James Jean at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery

As you guys know, I really love James Jean's work (you might recognize his Fables covers)- it's beautiful, exquisite, and never lacking in some element that is both exciting and puzzling, especially the strange mix of innocence and sensuality found in the details.

He's got a show down in Chelsea right now, and a few friends and I braved the cold (complicated by my complete inability to remember streets) to go see it. If you're in the area (I don't have any info about other shows in other cities, sorry!- but you can see all the pieces at his website), I strongly encourage you to check it out. It's one thing to see his stuff online, another to be able to step right up to it and see all the strokes and detail, full size. Some of my favorites were Vanity and Willow Horse.


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Anonymous said...

I love this guys work.

My faves are:

Prada II

The Willow Tree


Dive (sort of reminds me of a cross between LOTR and HP Lovecraft)

Installation 1 (love combining the actual art with decoration on the wall.)



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