Saturday, January 17, 2009

"dripping with mantra-like positivity"

[*quoted from Billboard]

Who is Jason Mraz? A name I always heard and saw ads for, but knew nothing about. Despite the similar singer-songwriter surfer-wear laidback image, turns out he is not like Jack "destroy the world by making the most boring music ever" Johnson.

Rather he has had a fabulous single out for awhile, "I'm Yours." And even after C played it maybe 20 times in a row at one point during the Taiwan trip, it's still a good song. The melody is simple and infectious. The instrumental accompaniment is likewise unadorned and perfectly underlines Mraz's disarming vocals. All in all, a sweet little sunshiney feel-good anthem that I highly recommend giving a listen.

Of course I haven't checked out his other stuff. I suck. But enjoy this anyway, it has become one of my top songs in the recent past (yet another undefinable period of time at Noise Annoys, where relative time goes to die. . .)


King AdBeck said...

Heard this song on VH1 the other day - early morning, actually - and similarly thought, good tune, so that's who he is. And then I thought, Damn, I can't believe I'm watching VH1. And then I thought, Damn, I can't believe I'm watching VH1 . . . and they're actually playing music?! But don't worry they throw in plenty of terrible pop dross and corporate-conceived "serious" rock to maintain their rep.

b and C together in Taiwan? Sounds like another road movie.

b said...

haha, yeah, i saw this on vh1 while on a flight- i usually fly jetblue, and when you fly in the morning, all that's on are infomercials and music videos. (it seems they only play music videos very early in the morning- like you said, they need to maintain their rep.)

ha, the trip wasn't quite as comedic as that, though there were some very silly things. no dottie though!


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