Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Final Final, or, When you ride Alone, you ride with HITLER

I'm down to my last final tomorrow (huzzah), for the Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union. Things aren't going well. I've been trying to put together this study guide for the last week. It's going like this- ARGH. I've got about 55 terms to do a who/what/when/where/why/how for each.
The IDs will be selected from the list below.As was the case for the midterm, you should be able to identify the item (who, what, when, where?) and to write approximately four to six sentences to put the item in context and comment on the importance of this item for elucidating a larger theme in Soviet history.
It's taking forever, veryveryvery tedious. The worst part is elucidating the larger theme. It just gets silly after awhile. Fantastic class though, very interesting, and the readings were also very good, even the obligatory women's one. I'd recommend just in general Kotkin's Armageddon Averted, which looks at why the entrenched elite didn't take out the USSR with a bang. Casual writing style, kinda mean to old people, funny picture captions. Also, Sakwa's book is a great (spun) compilation of primary sources. I just hate when classes you like and are genuinely interested in become a chore. Like right now. Finals are a whole different beast, this breed of stress that you never encounter anywhere else. Argh. I'm not actually turning into Stalin nor entertaining such delusions of grandeur, but my brain is melting like a nuclear. . . uh, meltdown. Yeah I'm gettin all Three Mile Island up in here, bitches. I'm up in the dorm's "skylounge" which, yes, you do take a turbolift to get to, or your jetpack, and these dumb freshmen who must be finished with finals are running through screeching. Urgh. Argh.

Speaking of which, I love propaganda art, so I thought I'd share my two current favorites.


Jim said...

Propaganda art f'n rules!
Good luck with the finals & stuff, try not to let your head explode.

McCrank said...

Didn't know how to hit you up via email, but I just posted tracks from Tim Armstrongs new solo album, the Clash "From London to Jamaica", Rage Against The Machine Coachella 2007, and Jack Johnson Live 2001. Most of these are right up your alley...feel to check them out!

Thanks again for the post about the new film about Joe! Brilliant content...



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