Thursday, May 17, 2007

Delicious Links from McCrank's!

(First, hope y'all like the new graphic. The name is still "Noise Annoys," but including the "Say" was like our "Viva." It made me go and check, and, yup- the douchebag who grabbed before me still has it. The text that used to be up is gone, but if you look at the links, you'll see that it's actually some cranky dude who hates noise. Still, I've grown quite fond of this address.)

Anyway, to business! And that is that McCrank's Juke has some fantastic stuff posted! Including Tim's solo album! And as soon as I've got my laptop back on the internet (some logistical problems right now), I am snatching it like whoa.

Tim Armstrong's A Poet's Life [2007]

Check out the "Into Action" music video here. Much typical-Tim-filtered-the-images-again fun to be had. I'm super psyched. I'm also glad to be back in LA where people say things like "super psyched." Or at least, I think they do.

The Clash = From London to Jamaica also @ McCrank's

From London to Jamaica Clash bootleg, recorded in 1982 and of amazing quality, is one of those things they call "must-haves." If you don't have it, grab it!


And lastly, the Coachella* Rage Against the Machine audio. Make sure to check this one out- it's pretty historic.

If you grab any of these files, be sure to thank the awesome people at McCrank's for their hard work!!
*As an aside, I don't know if I mentioned my disapproval of the chosen location for a RAtM reunion, ie. at the Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival for the privileged. I am, unfortunately, pretty anti-Coachella, a sentiment exacerbated by the kids at school in NEW YORK who fly out to CA to see the show on their 3 day passes !!! Which is to say-- who is going to these things. I was very, very surprised when I heard the news. I know Rage is a music group, not a political group, but all the same, it's hard to Rage Against the Machine at Coachella. I'm not talking about "selling out"; I think such a notion is absurd, especially when people bitch about it- they are more concerned with image than the music. In fact, here at Noise Annoys, you will never hear complaints about "selling out." Still, I think they could have chosen a better place to make a bigger bang, and with their star power, they could have reunited at the fucken White House, I bet. Urgh- even the Smiths wouldn't reunite for Coachella. But even though Morrissey now has a moral leg up on our lovely Zach (just for not being at Coachella), I heard they put on quite the show, and I am certain that they will make up for this with a show for like. . . I dunno, lettuce farmers.

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