Thursday, May 03, 2007

Classes! Done! Finals! oh shit.

Alright! Classes are done. Celebrated appropriately (sorry, crude, but links are there to showcase the quality disintegration and price decline), though at one point fell asleep (had 2 hours of sleep that night, but got those darn papers finished) and when I woke up, there were like five people playing dominoes and arguing heatedly over the supremacy of backgammon. . . huhwhatnow?

Around 5 dumb boy 1 and I went to print something for dumb boy 2's audition the next day. 2 unreasonably never offered to come with us and grab the printed stuff, so dumb boy 1 got to walk back and deliver it, and I guess he yelled at everyone in his room that if they didn't clean up, they'd get it. . . &c. (I heard this the next day when he was like, If they didn't clean my room, they'll get it. Fist shaking and whatnot. They had.) I feel a little sorry for the people (they all looked like Barnard girls) in the printing room at the library because imagine that you've been up all night finishing this paper and now it's 5 am and you just want to kill yourself and now there's this drunk angry fella with a wifebeater and tattoos hitting the printer (which wasn't working, good lord what a surprise). I was too tired to try to be the soothing voice of reason, so instead I was taking a nap by the computer. Notably, the printers weren't working on Monday morning in my building when I had to print 3 papers, and the elevator wasn't working yesterday. Har har, what a funny prank, school. My window doesn't stay open either, and this is the second one, the other one cracked.

Yesterday we had a crazy storm (I got caught in it whilst looking for Mexican food; we got to the place and they were having a health inspection- in a good way- so I'll hafta check it out some other time, apparently it's real Mexican food, CaliMex, not like. . . whatever they usually serve here). The great part was this amazingly clear, forked lighting just absolutely splitting up the sky. Crappy part was the whole wet thing. It would be really nice if it rained now cos I'm stuck inside. I have the blinds shut as much as possible. I should play "Storm Noises" on loop. Cos it ain't good weather lest you're out in it! (The biggest problem is that isn't a bit true.)

Watched Mystery Train (good) and Invincible (awful, no joke, and halfway through, dumb boy 1 decided to look up the main character's historical inspiration on wikipedia and then we knew the ending cos it turned out he dies of blood poisoning while performing a feat of strength involving some Polish peasant's rusty nail. Not while fighting off hordes off Nazis with machine guns and the Ark of the Covenant while screaming "I Am Samsooonn. I'll be back." Cos, I mean, that's where the movie was TOTALLY going.) and ended up with fake Chinese food for dinner.

Haha, ok, just image Googled "Ark of the Covenant" and check this out-- the Ark of the Covenant jewelry box. If I order it, it had better come in a cunning little wooden crate with a burnt off swastika, okay?

PS- check out Ken's fantastic review of Mystery Train here.

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Jim said...

1. I want a Rolling Rock fez.
2. I have never, EVER played either dominos or backgammon while drunk. Darts is way more fun, until you get ejected from the pub when someone notices that for the last half hour you haven't even pretended to aim at the board.


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