Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Future is Unwritten Trailer

Well since I've been living in a cave-dorm room I missed that this was happening. The sordid story of finding out about it sadly involves Amazon.com sending me that ridiculous "We Recommend" email I keep getting, this time featuring the soundtrack for this Temple documentary. Still haven't seen "Let's Rock Again," by the way. Urgh. Um, hmmm. Errr. (This is my brain on the Soviet Union. Vydvizhentsywhatnow?) Soundtrack is whatever. Wouldn't buy it ever but would love to have Rachid Taha's "Rock the Casbah," which I used in a paper I wrote last year for an amazing class on Islam. The paper was about the ideological suggestions in "Rock the Casbah," quite a bit of fun to write. Anyway, here's the trailer, if only cos it makes you want to run outside, tag "THE CLASH" on some brick wall and run away giggling like a middle school kid and then go, Uh, why'd I do that? (And of course go Gaaaaah over Joe.) I'm wondering at the speed of this documentary being released. The man died less than six years ago. It's interesting how fast things are done nowadays (in my crotchety old man voice).

Though I love the cover seeing as how it's one of my favorite pictures of Mr Strummer. I do not, however, like the oh-he's-on-typewriter-let's-use-Courier title. Not classy. Why didn't they use the plastic-embossed-whatever-font they have in the trailer?


Anonymous said...

"I'm wondering at the speed of this documentary being released."

The proof will be whether Julian Temple has interviews with Joe Stummer or just a bunch of photos and film clips. The director of Let's Rock Again, on the other hand, had known Joe for years and travels with the Mescaleros in the doc.

More interersted in seeing Temple's Glastonbury Festival film...

b said...

good call. between the two strummer docs, i'm definitely more interested in seeing dick rude's.


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