Tuesday, September 01, 2009

hair hair everywhere

I just got a haircut a few weeks ago-- a chelseahawk! (And just in time for the weather to get. . . cold?-- it's been chilly in the city.) And yeah, haircuts do carry a lot of cultural baggage, but it's important to remember that it defines for and affects those who are so concerned about pigeon-holing that they're backing themselves into a culturally dead corner.

In a slideshow over at TIME, "Michelle Obama's Hair," the commentator notes that "Michelle switched up her usual straight strands for a White House event celebrating musician Stevie Wonder. Having a black First Lady who is widely praised as sophisticated and stylish has done little to calm the debate about whether black women should straighten their hair or wear it naturally curly."

Here's a thought. There is no "should." (This is a comment on the existence of the debate rather than the commentary for the photos.) People should wear their hair however they fucking want. Except shitlocks. And long hair on guys. But you get what I'm sayin. (Of course, I'm not black. Maybe it's a black thing. Oh wait. All human beings have hair.)

Anyway, what was your favorite haircut, dear reader, ever? I think this new one is my top one just because it's a nice big change and now I like to touch myself (where the hair is shaved, hahaha, funny huh.) Second fave was the Bettie Page one our uber-overstayed-his-welcome houseguest last fall gave me, though I never got the courage/motivation/hair products to put it up in victory rolls. . .


Jim said...

There's a law in Scotland that prohibits me from ever having an Afro. I believe it is for the greater good.

b said...

haha, well I'm not a fan of Afros so maybe they have the right idea.

There should be a law where people with charged mohawks and afros hafta sit in the back of the movie theater.


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