Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dorian Gray Trailer

I've been keeping the upcoming film adaptation of Oscar Wilde's gothic classic The Picture of Dorian Gray in my peripheral vision and so I just came across the trailer that was posted earlier this summer. In terms of one in a spate of upcoming vaguely-Victorian imagery'd films, it looks like it will take advantage of the same requisite boho/filthy rich imagery, cast in a gunmetal/steel-blue palette (and idiotic font choices) to remind us that this isn't The Importance of Being Earnest.

But in the interest of full disclosure, I haven't actually read Dorian Gray all the way through. All I have is a beat-up copy of some Wilde plays, many of them funny except that melodrama Salome (John the Baptist is often, when painted as a wee baby-child chillaxing with JC, shown with a plate-- COS HIS HEAD'S GOING ON IT.) Harper has a fantastic complete Wilde on the bookstore shelves that looks lovely and that I covet for my own edification and because I like the picture on the spine (can't find an image. . . sorry kids.) What, you say? "It's in the public domain?" Is that what you say? I know-- and I am, as I should have mentioned before, suitably embarrassed. But not as embarrassed as Colin Firth should be of that facial get-up he has in the trailer. (Ha!)


King AdBeck said...

Does this make you a Girl Gone Wilde? :)

b said...

oh snap!

i think it does :]


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