Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Oi! to the World

Kicking off the holiday season with our traditional Vandals' Christmas album post! Oi to the World features the title track, a crazy punk rock Tchaikovsky track, and one of my favorites, "Nothing's Gonna Ruin My Holidays."

The Vandals will be playing 3 Christmas shows. Hopefully they won't last-minute cancel sans explanation a la 2007 Warped Tour.

Dec 19 2008 @ SLIM’S
San Francisco, California
w/Goodbye Gadget and Time Again

Dec 20 2008 @ House of Blues Disneyland
Anaheim, california
w/ the aggrolites

Dec 21 2008 @ House Of Blues
San Diego, California
w/ The Phenomenauts


Nazz Nomad said...

I wish they would get their sorry asses to NYC! I feel like Santa has passed over my house and the reindeer's crapped on my roof.

ken said...

Hooray! Christmas wouldn't be the same without your Vandals post...it REALLY marks the start of the holiday season!
I'm gonna try and get something similar to last year's stocking up next week (fingers crossed).
Its nice to have you (and Caitlin) back...

b said...

i wish they'd come out here, too! the vandals always play on LA the day i'm flying back for the holidays. i've never made the show, which is too bad because i hear it's always great.


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