Friday, December 05, 2008

Happy Repeal Day!

(as if we need an excuse)

It's easy! There are no outfits to buy, costumes to rent, rivers to dye green. Simply celebrate the day by stopping by your local bar, tavern, saloon, winery, distillery, or brewhouse and having a drink. Pick up a six-pack on your way home from work. Split a bottle of wine with a loved one. Buy a shot for a stranger. Just do it because you can [from the Official Repeal Day website]

It's actually probably gonna be a quiet night for me (finals!), but I've got my heart set on some Winter Warmer. Cheers!

Celebrate by listening to some music--

Roger Alan Wade's All Likkered Up is on sale for the holidays. Featuring "All Likkered Up" and "My Baby Loves Malt Liquor," some sayNA favorites.

or, celebrate by watching America's booziest favorite couple-- watch The Thin Man [9 parts, youtube]. Or watch some of that Nascar.

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