Friday, December 19, 2008

White Christmas [1992 edition]

In looking for album images, I've found that there are in fact two White Christmas albums, this one and this one here, which I'm posting here because I think it's a lot better. Granted, it's the one I grew up with, so there's massive personal bias, what sets it apart is the warmth and nostalgia that comes from its format: it's a recording of a radio show, and the album includes Bing's jokes and chatter. If you read the reviews, some people don't like that, and to them I say: You are probably communiss. Anyway, this one also leaves out the ethnic novelty songs, which, while they have their own charm, don't quite measure up to the content of this 1992 edition. The dialogue is fun, the arrangments "bouncy," and you get 15 tracks of Crosby in his popular element.


Northern Jon said...

Great post, this is the one I used to play at work a hundred times a day.

C said...

yesyesyesyes this is my favorite favorite favorite xmas cd evereverever (the good version). I listened to it 4 times in a row as soon as we unpacked it from its christmas box.

b said...

yeah, this is pretty much my favorite too.

Jon- glad to hear others out there like this one! I can't get tired of it!

King AdBeck said...

Thanks for the Crosby, b - goes great with hot chocolate and itchy sweaters.

Swing by Rebeldog Comics sometime - I'm back with a new format and posting regularly - all comics.

Hope you have a great holiday - Merry Xmas!

mel said...

A very merry Christmas to you, B.

All the very best for the New Year.


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