Monday, December 15, 2008

Gift Ideas: 5 Jewelry-Things!

I meant to put this up before Cyber Monday since most of these sites were having sales (this being the first year I'd even heard of this Cyber-Monday thing), but Final Paper Deadline Tuesday prevented that from happening. Still, you can at least browse the websites and see if you like anything :]

From left to right: Orange Earrings from KnitKnit @Etsy | Heart Attack from LuckyLooLoo | Happy Robot Earrings from Shana Logic | Mexican Loteria Charm Necklace by Sweet Romance from Pin Up Girl Clothing | Handy Girl Necklace Set (of 3) by Girls With Tools from Shana Logic


C said...

I'm in love with the happy robot. right now I love things that smile at me. we baked sugar cookies the other day, the kind with the picture in the middle that used to come in rolls. they had smiling snowmen on them and every time I looked at one it made me ridiculously happy. happy happy.

b said...

they still make those? allison used to have ones every season (halloween, spring, xmas, etc.) they are delish.


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