Wednesday, October 01, 2008

YOUR Berlin Wall

If you can't tell by the resumed posting, then the amount of times I've checked my facebook should tell you that I'm back at school and not doing what I'm supposed to be doing. So in that vein. . . check this out; everything about it is perfect and high-fucken-larious:

See the rest of the list, What the World Would Look Like If the Other Side Won the War, and more, at As the lists there are the latest on my internet addictions list (you guys are still #1 though), I'll be posting more links in the future.

Speaking of silly. . . my new favorite silly Onion headline: Members of Twisted Sister Now Willing to Take It. Excerpt:

"I acknowledge that we promised not to take it anymore, but things change. The world is a different place today, and with that in mind, we would like to go on record as saying that, starting right now, we are going to take it," read a statement released by the band's lead singer, Dee Snider. "To clarify, we would still prefer not to take it, but as of now, taking it is an option that we would be open to. That is all."


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I love, how come the real news isn't as entertaining?


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