Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Songs That I Secretly Like so don't tell anyone

[link is to listen & download via Skreemr; right click & save] This was used for the new batch of Converse promos, and you can check out the vid here on Youtube. Why is it a guilty pleasure? Not sure, and it's not the song itself-- which is excellent-- but everything about me is saying it is. Maybe it's the overwhelming hipster cred that smacks you across the face. This song is the equivalent of that guy on the L wearing skinny gray jeans, colorful high-tops, art-rim glasses (WITH NO LENSES, douchebag) and a thin striped scarf. Maybe it's cos I still don't like that Julian Casablancas. Maybe it's because I need a new pair of Converse and I can't face facts. Maybe it's cos I don't like the direction the company is trying to go in. But goddamnit, it's danceable and catchy, even with those Julian Casablancas whingeing portions.

Sorry, Tim.


i R d a O ))) said...

Hey! Just posting to say thanks for the Boondock Saints OST :-) I was desperately looking for it... By the way, I'm adding your blog to my blog's links as gratitude ^^ And i'm gonna spend some time reading your blog.


Anonymous said...

you know, My Drive Thru, IS a fun song, but it's just a little to hip and clever for its own good, but don't worry...I won't tell anyone about your secret obsession if you promise not to about mine -
my wife laughs and laughs and laughs at me for loving this song, but I don't care - I'm above all that...

b said...

hey i r d a o ))) !! thanks for stopping by and the kind words-- it's always great to see a new face around- if you can let me know the link to your blog I'm always down for adding a new blog to the link list, too! (I'm not able to access it via your profile.) Hope to see you around!

Haha, yeah- this song is cute! It makes me think of a cuter, pixie-y Kate Nash? Good call on My Drive Thru being too clever for its own good. Like all those hipster.


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