Saturday, October 18, 2008

Whtie Kids Aren't Hyphy & Hipster Girl Vids

Ah ha, so I missed that a video for one of my favorite MC Lars songs, "White Kids Aren't Hyphy," was released, from what I can tell, in this past May's podcast. As always, fun and cheeky. Check it out!

This is the vid for "Hipster Girl." As you guys know, I hate them more than I hate six dollar PBRs. I'm with MC Lars on how L train girls (yes! It is on the L train that I first saw one of those nasty people who wear glass frames without lenses!) make no sense and how fixed gear bikes make no sense (no seriously, they don't-- until this year I thought that kind of bike was the kind of bike you learned how to ride a bike with because that's the kind of bike I had when I was a kid- I just said bike a lot, huh-) anyway, though it's unclear how Lars feels about them-- love em but don't get them?-- they're hot but they suck so I'll get with them anyway? (oh boys)-- contempt validates them?-- if you hate the things he's pointing out, you can cast your own shadow on the video (as I did) and consider it all insults. Yay negativity! And ps- after the fadeout, if you hate that fucking song from Donnie Darko as much as I do, stop the video.

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