Sunday, October 19, 2008

Request! Illegal Tender EP


McCrank said...

what do you like about this band? Louis XIV has always been a mystery to me. I thought it was a girl and a dude -- looks more like all dudes to me now. Am I behind the times???

Tell me why they rock?

b said...

Hmm ok. Good question. First off, though, I have not listened to the new album, so I can't speak for that. But I think what I like about their sound is the swaggering cockiness it has. It's like a cross between T. Rex in the glam/innuendo elements as well as the voice, mixed with some OK Go in the pure immaturity and cheekiness. It's all very silly. I remember hearing "Finding out True Love is Blind" on the radio (on 103.1, before KROQ got to it) and loving the energy.

Now I don't listen to them a whole lot, mostly a song at a time rather than sitting down to the whole album, but I think what attracts me is the energy and the how the obscene nature of the lyrics matches the singer's voice and the band's overall sound.

Again, I can't say much for the new album, there was such a huge gap in years between the releases I don't have the energy to go for it right now :p

Nerkon said...

Thanks men for the time.
This is a great ep from a lovely band.


PD: Some of this days, I've posted more material of Louis XIV


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