Monday, March 03, 2008

White Kids Aren't Hyphy

i wish I was a little bit hyphy, i wish E-40 liked me, i wish i didn't crash going ghostriding nightly

I'd say the title of this MC Lars song says it all, but actually, the lyrics do. This song is laugh-aloud hilarious, hitting up basic hyphy things (themes? ideas? pop culture moments? locations?) as he does the usual MC Lars good-natured, cheeky thing and getting in good-natured yet pointed digs at everyone.

Says trashcanman, MC Lars should be president. . . Lars raps about the things he cares about and understands: science fiction, romantic confusion, musical passion, punk and metal, the state of hip-hop music etc. Through clever sampling (remember the old-school "Tetris" theme?), hysterically funny and relevant lyrics with absolute truth behind them, and pure passion MC Lars is taking the music game back for the fans one song at a time.

He's great fun, this self-described father of "post-punk laptop rap." Check his album out, The Graduate.

And this is the only annotation I can really provide (I'm not a white kid, but I'm still not hyphy, yadidamean), so here goes (click on the links.)

chillin with Bubb Rubb, in his tricked out hummer kids yell 'YEE,' the whistles go 'WOO' don't know what I just said on this verse, do you?

*ah ha, sorry guys, the file's mispelled, stick an 'h' in there*

*Aaand, thanks to Ken for reminding me, but I did a real disservice by not including this live performance of the song, where Lars explains the background and from what I can tell, though the camera isn't cooperating, supplements his song with a PowerPoint.


Anonymous said...

Hey b -
just so you know - I watched mc lars on the youtube while drinking coffee yesterday morning and I nearly it is, I ruined a pretty nice shirt - I'm not blaming you for it (not anymore), just wanted you to know...
Your description of Cast King is spot-on (imagine if he and Johnny had cut an album together - wow!) Thanks for the share - he was incredible - I wish there'd been time for him to finish the gospel album...
I love those vintage ads, great fun; I'm not sure about the vampire weekend stuff - they seem a little too...something . . .
Can't wait for the friday girly thing!!
I'm glad you're enjoying the Texas stuff, thanks for your comments and support - your feedback is sincerely appreciated.

balbulus said...

Hi there,

Sorry to change to subject, but is there any chance of you re-posting the WARSAW/JOY DIVISION album?


b said...

Hey Balbulus, sorry I didn't see your first request! I'll try to get a new link up by Saturday/Sunday :)

jonty said...

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