Friday, March 14, 2008

Hear ye

Thanks, Tom.

I had a second post planned, but I've run outta time and I'm going to delay it until week 4, as I'm shipping off for a week of spring break. But don't worry, you won't be stuck with Disney songs all week (but seriously, at least get the Amy Irving track!)

C(aitlin), the coolest kid you're ever going to meet, will be guest posting this coming week, including covering my ass for next week's Gen/Dis Friday. So stop by and check out what she's got. She has much better music taste than I do, so maybe we'll even get more visitors. No pressure, Caitlin, but I expect the traffic to increase by at least two people.

+ Ken was awesome and kind enough to share some of his favorite guy/gal duets, which you can grab here. Sez Ken:
X - Los Angeles (the interplay of John and Excene's voices was revolutionary at the time the song was released), Carrie Rodriguez and Chip Taylor - Keep Your Hat on Jenny (Their voices are so different, I'm not quite sure why their collaborations work - but they sure do), and the Gougers - Baby (They have the BEST harmonies since Gram and Emmylou.)
Definitely check those songs out.

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