Monday, March 17, 2008

The Saint Patrick's Day's Post.

Here are a few things for Saint Patrick's Day.....

The Best of the Chieftains [The Chieftains]
Traditional Irish music, I got this a few years ago for Christmas-- It is very good. We saw them at the Hollywood Bowl a few years ago, and the one with the funny hairdo in the center still had the funny hairdo (I think that one is Paddy Maloney). But they are fantastic, I mean, gosh, it's the Chieftains! Oh and, according to amazon, this release draws from 3 releases of the 70s, the last three releases which were strictly traditional music.
grab it here

Float [Flogging Molly]

So I was visiting a friend in Boston at the beginning of my break, and when we were in Cambridge ("our fair city") or Harvard Square or whatever, we went to Newbury Comics after having really really good burgers at Bartley's. I thought we were going to a comic book shop, but it turned out to be a record store. Which is fine. Being a Flogging Molly fan, I bought the new album. When the woman at the counter handed me my bag, I got super confused because there somethin heavy in the bag that seemed to be more than a cd. Well, it turns out, I got a free pint glass with my purchase of the cd. I think this might be just a Newbury Comics thing, so if you are gonna buy the album, and you can get to a Newbury Comics, buy it from them because nothing makes you (or maybe just me...) feel validated like a free pint glass. No siree bob.

As for Float itself, I can't say that I am super impressed. I've only listened twice and I wasn't paying attention either time, so I am reserving judgment, but it doesn't seem to be outstanding. It sounds good, but not amazing. I do like Flogging Molly a great deal. But give it a listen, tell us what you think. And get yerself a free pint glass.

get it here

1798-1998 Irish Songs Of Rebellion [The Alias Acoustic Band]
It's really really really good. I bought it on sale at Borders or something on whim. The first track includes a portion of the last stanza of W.Y. Yeats's "Easter 1916." I really like W.B. Yeats. I really like this cd. yup. On Amazon, there only seem to be the 2-disc-er versions, and mine is only 1 disc (disk?).
get it here


Top o' the Morning: His Irish Collection [Bing Crosby]
ok so a few of the songs are pretty kitschy, but... it's BING AND IT IS FABULOUS!

get it here

And I know it has been posted before, but it is a staple here and it is amazing. And the link is still working. Here's The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem: In Person At Carnegie Hall.

I know I'll be watching.....

The Quiet Man
I watch it every St. Patrick's Day, no matter how corny or whatever.... I LOVE John Wayne (gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) and John Ford and the rest of the usual John Ford companyand I wish I was more like Maureen O'Hara.

"St. Patrick's Day" from The Quiet Man (1952) (Traditional/Victor Young) (performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra with Itzak Perlman, conducted by John Williams)
(from Cinema Serenade II: The Golden Age, the entirety of which can be grabbed, as previously posted, from here)

or watch The Informer ... a earlier John Ford film, also with Victor McLagen, about a former IRA man turned informer. It's really good too.



Jim said...

Hey C, i may be meeting B tonight, if I can find her. Anyway, give Float a chance, I wasn't that impressed first time round, but it's really grown on me since.
All I know about free pint glasses are ones that are stolen from pubs, which aren't really free, I suppose...

Anonymous said...

C -
Wow! Great Irish post - The Chieftains, Flogging Molly, Bing - really good stuff...
I'm with Jim on the new Flogging Molly record - give it another chance, I think it's at least as good as Drunken Lullabies, if not Whiskey on a Sunday...
A quick side note to Jim - As much as they charge for a pint in a pub, I don't think you should feel obligated to ALWAYS return the glass...
It's funny how often Yeats is used as a resource or as inspiration for songwriters, two of my favorite songs are based on his poetry: Karen Casey - the Song of Wandering Aengus (Songlines) and the Waterboys with Tomas McKeown - the Stolen Child (Fisherman's Blues) - the poems are obviously incredible source material, but (for me, anyway) the performers really bring the emotions captured in the pieces to a focus - very tragic, very melancholy. Give them a listen and let me know what you think:
Brazil is one of those movies that I watch two or three times a year, and it always seems fresh. If you haven't seen it yet, check out Tideland - it's my favorite of all Gilliam's films...
Glad I have it to share - BUCKAROO BANZAI OST:
Look, You've gotta understand a fundamental truth about Nick Cave - he's a lot like Lux Interior of the Cramps - listening to them is a good thing, but you should never, ever look at them...
My favorite X album is Under the Big Black Sun - I LOVE the way Billy Zoom justs rips into "the hungry wolf" like some kinda madman and John and Exene are at the peak of their partnership - it's perfect...
You're doing a great job filling the Captain's chair, keep the posts coming, I'm anxious to see what you have in store for Gen/Dis Friday

Jim said...

'lo again C. Found yer sis eventually, but didn't think so say hi from you. Barely had time to say hi from me since I had to scoot on home. I'm giving her a tour of my home town on Wednesday (goodness knows why she wants that, but she does) so I'll be sure to tell her what a fab job you are doing in her absence.

Stolen can be a good kind of free, so long as the barman doesn't catch you...
Oh, and SLF were good :D


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