Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Giving consequence to young women who have been slighted by other men....

Quickie post part II:

Ok so I'm a girl and I really really really like Jane Austen..... Every now and then I go on these Jane Austen binges where I read like 4 of her novels really fast and get in an odd unstable emotional state for a while, but um..... ANYWAY:

I really like Pride and Prejudice. Ok that is an understatement. I lovelovelove the book ( I have this amazing version with silly illustrations and notes. AMAZING). Hilarious. I lovelovelove the 1995 BBC/A&E miniseries-- I have been rewatching it obsessively since like the 4th grade. B hates it, everyone else in the family loves it, we all recite all the lines along with it and drive B absolutely crazy (BUT IT IS SO GOOD!). Bride and Prejudice was ok, more entertaining than good, I think (I like the gospel choir on the beach..). I have still refused to see the new P& P movie bc I can't stand Kiera Knightley... yeah I know I should get over it but.....

Music features prominantly in the BBC verison.So the soundtrack is amazing. Composed and conducted by Carl Davis, with Melvin Tan on the fortepiano (not a piano, mind you). It's brilliant, rich, lovely. And I know every scene, movement, and line every track is associated with.... My only complaints are it doesn't include all the music I wish it would (same complaint of many of the amazon.com reviewers)... there are some dances, including Playfords' "Mr. Beveridge's Maggot" that would be nice to have, and the Marriage of Figaro song Lizzy sings at Pemberly, but, its still super good.

Get the Pride and Prej OST here
And on Amazon here

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