Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hank Williams III - Straight to Hell

I just saw the third Pirates movie last night. Not bad, pretty long, but my two things now are 1) They had better not make another one cos I don't wanna sit through it, and 2) <spoiler> The only reason to watch another one is gone, after having cleaned up and become noble. Boo. But I recommend seeing it if you saw the other two, and if you're seeing it for that reason, I'd recommend seeing it in the theater just cos it'll be big and loud. Zimmer did do a good job with the music, and as much as I bitch about all his epic scores being the same, they really do work, and they really do enhance what's going on onscreen. By the way, the movie starts out like Pirates of the Caribbean: The Musical, but no jazz hands.

Ok, blah blah. Here's Hank Williams III's latest, released early last year. Favorites include the opening track and "Dick in Dixie." "Satan is Real," which starts off the first track, is an actual song by the Louvin Brothers. You can hear it right here (links to blog featuring a wav file).

** This file does not include the 42-min bonus track that makes up disc 2. I unfortunately don't have it.

Straight to Hell


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