Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Since this is a multimedia site. . .

Here's the trailer for The Longest Day. I quite like the film, but the trailer has those hilariously awful old movie trailer taglines, and the announcer presenting them seems about to fall asleep. He says something about international stars ("42 International Stars!") and then intones, flatly, "Here. Are some." Which is then of course followed by a choppy montage of those stars.

Still, this trailer isn't as hilariously bad as the trailer for the Magnificent Seven, where someone, even though the film features one of the most memorable themes in movie history, opted to instead showcase a ridiculous ballad that "The Hero of Canton" would later recall.


Greg H. said...

Awesome. I wish trailers nowadays could be a little less interesting.

Speaking of a flashy movie with a hilariously-narrated trailer("The Star Wars"), thanks for the 13-part NPR SW radio play you posted a while back. I'd never even heard of it, and it's so much fun to listen to. Man. What happened to the radio plays, NPR? I'd love to see an Empire Strikes Back posting here in the future but can see you maybe not wanting to overdo the same kind of material/go to the work of posting another 13 or whatever installments.

Anyway, thanks. I like your blog; especially the way it often covers overlapping media (movies/radio, music/art).

b said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. I'm glad you've found things you like!

Yeah, I definitely agree on that point-- has NPR ever made any other radio plays? I know they broadcast plays sometimes. . . definitely not the same. The Star Wars dramatizations were so well done, you really do wonder what happened.

It's funny that you mention Empire, cos I prepped the next post last night while I was doing this D-Day post, and I have *just* posted the first Empire episode! I'll be trying to get those all up by the end of June. This time around, there are 10 episodes.

Hopefully I'll get up Return of the Jedi soon after that. I know summer is for roadtripping, and it's always best to be listening to something on those long drives, and hopefully people will enjoy these enough to bring them along :]


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