Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Empire Strikes Back: The Original Radio Drama, Episode 1, "Freedom's Winter"

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Episode 1, Freedom's Winter
In the wake of their successful mission to destroy the Death Star, the Rebel Alliance has stirred up an Imperial hornets’ nest. Driven from the relative safety of the Yavin system, the Rebels set up shop on an ice planet called Hoth, which is inhospitable bordering on unsurvivable. This distant outpost requires constant resupply of equipment (and soldiers) capable of surviving sub-freezing temperatures, but the Empire has been tightening the noose by blasting supply convoys out of space. Han and Luke are surveying Hoth’s surface to pinpoint the cause of unusual sensor readings when Luke heads out on his own to investigate what looks like a meteor impact. But before he can reach it, Luke is savagely attacked by a wampa, a vicious carnivore native to Hoth. He’s able to summon the power of the Force to help him escape the wampa’s lair, but even the Force can’t stretch the limits of human endurance - without backup or a way to get back to the Rebel base, Luke is stranded in the frozen wasteland overnight.
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Greg H said...

Hey, all right! This is definitely going on the family roadtrip. I think my Sun Ra-/robot-/spaceship-/sound effects-loving preschooler is especially going to appreciate it.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Blanche, Hank 3, Tim Armstrong, the Longest Day, Mark Helprin, and now the Empire radio drama? Wow, you're pretty good...I'm enjoying your recommended reads...I tend to fall into reading ruts and your piece on winter's tale reminded me how much I enjoy Mark Helprin's work. I know you probably need a break from Mr. H at the moment, but I would recommend his novel A Soldier of the Great War - the scope is manageable, the politics have been toned down, and the prose is magical.

Jim said...

Squee, unexpected joy! I've still not even gotten round to listening to the Star Wars ones though.
I do rather enjoy a good anti-NME rant. Excpect many, many more of them in future.

explodingboy said...


Thank you


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