Monday, June 11, 2007


Hi boys and girls. For the last few days, I have not been access my blog. I actual can't get to any blogspot addresses. . . I can get to the dashboard and I can create posts, but I cannot see the actual blog and posts. Aaah! What's going on? So I dunno if this is a problem just with my connection or it's a general problem, and I dunno if this'll post, but I'll keep trying. Hopefully this will stop being an issue so we can get back to those Empire Strikes Back posts and all that good stuff. Which is to say, hardcore housekeeping to do when all this is back up 'n' runnin'.

**And a great big huge thanks to Ken for supplying the link to the Miss Derringer album! You can access it through the comment on the Miss Derringer post, which should be the previous post. Thankfully I grabbed that before blogger started messin with me.

1 comment:

Jim said...

Shit, I never thought of that. I'll get closed down for imaginary animal neglect. Eeek!


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