Thursday, May 15, 2008

oh snap.

Dear The Jam,

I love you.

Dear Paul Weller's Current Haircut,
I will destroy you.


Also grab a live show from Giant Robots!


Anonymous said...

Hey b -
Wow! Smack in the middle of finals and you're still posting some great stuff - the jam, the gimmes, kennedy rose comics!

I honestly don't know if I'm gonna be able to wait for the golden army to be released - I really think I just might explode at some point.

and hey, was the "princess" anything like this -

good luck with the rest of your finals!

gherrie said...

where's the damn link? are you paying attention? put your act together. PEACE... grrrrr...

b(eing away from my computer) said...

hi gherrie,

thanks for stopping by.

i believe it is the first damn link, which reads-

"The Jam ~ Extras: A Collection of Rarities [.rar]"


peace dude.

sam said...

hey, there's the link alright. but no
filehost. how can we download it. what gives? look it up, please. and yes, peace to both of you...

b said...

Hi everyone. The file should still hosted somewhere; if it had been deleted the page would say so. It is a big file, and Sharebee loads through 4 sites, so things usually take a few minutes. If it hasn't been showing up for a few hours, it has perhaps been flagged, traffic is high, or something is up with the file or site. There is also the possibility that it was deleted at any or all of the 4 sites Sharebee links to. However, because the Sharebee page does not explicitly state that the file has been taken down, I am hoping that the grandslam deletion scenario is not the case and this problem is only temporary.

Since there seems to be a high demand, I will do my best to re-upload it through a different service, but I just moved across the country and my computer and HD still haven't been unpacked, so it may take a a day or two. Thank you for your continuing patience.

Anonymous said...

Gaiman really tapped into some basic childhood fears with Coraline, it is truly a scary story (but aren't all great children's stories frightening on some level?).
You haven't fully enjoyed Enchanted until you watch it with a five year old (and it's a little scary, too come to think of it).
Glad you survived your trek back home - after you settle in, sign up for the Southern Reading Challenge!!


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