Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hellboy numero dos motherfucker

I have seriously neglected posting about one of my top movies of the summer, and that is the upcoming Hellboy sequel! I was sitting in one of my writing classes, and one of those exquisitely cute girls who is in sororities and actually is named after a princess and actually does have a high-pitched voice and actually does dress like she's on one of those shows and says things like, "Oh my god, I have been so busy with this project," and when the person she's talking to politely says, "Oh yeah? What were you working on?" she says, "I don't really want to talk about it"--

Uh, then why'd you bring it up, sweetheart?

--anyway, says she: "I saw The Orphanage. You know, produced by the guy who did [giggle-giggle] Hellboy? I didn't see it, but, like- did he need the money?"

Maaan, if I brought my Good Samaritan to class with me, I would have bopped her on the head.

So- fantastically excited about this film, and so glad they got the whole cast (Yes! Jeffrey Tambor!) to come back. (Except Myers! I loved him, goshdarnit!) You know it's a good cast when they come back and do the animated interregnum releases, one of which I am watching right now while eating me oatmeal and not studying. You've probably seen the trailer, but if you need some eye candy to get yer morning started off, here we go. Oh Guillermo! What are we going to do with you?


Carl V. said...

I'm looking forward to this one as well, probably more than any movie this summer. And I saw the Orphanage...and loved it! A return to the good ol' fashioned ghost story is always a good thing.

b said...

I am so excited! I went to see Iron Man the other day and saw a new poster for Hellboy II and geeked out.

I need to see the Orphanage, I'm kinda being a chicken about it and delaying. I don't play well with ghost stories :]


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