Wednesday, May 07, 2008

invisible guitar?

No. I didn't just make that joke.

Or maybe he got a splinter? Stabbed himself on Tim's jacket? On his hair? Cos if he did. I'll nurse him back to health. Jus sayin.

Okay you crazy kids. Finals have rolled around, so I'll probably be dropping off the radar for a few days. [Edit: Posts coming in the next week are pre-scheduled, but I'll be back in real time soon.] By the time I get back, I will probably have gotten over Lars. So enjoy it while it lasts. Because as Ken pointed out, I have yet to post gratuitous Paul Weller pics and Jam tracks.

And make sure to check out Ken's punk rock crushes! Or else. Oh yeah, and in a completely different direction, if you're thinking about listening to Mrs Ryan Reynolds singing, don't. But do go see what Big Rock Candy Mountain has to say about that.

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