Tuesday, November 03, 2009

iko iko

There are a few songs I really, really hate-- can't stand. I know it sounds high maintenance but there is something about these tracks that makes me cringe. Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl." Any version (even the Clash version) of "Louie Louie." "Chapel of Love"- "sing-songy, cloying, childish"- by the Dixie Cups, a group which I wrote off for a long time solely based on that insipid, insidious track that stays in your head the way Tootsie Rolls stay stuck to your molars and then makes you get cavities and have to have Novocaine and pay insurance on false advertised filling material that isn't covered by insurance but Dr Dentist Evil failed to mention that before.

Which is too bad, because 1, they're a seminal group that really can sing, etc, and 2, the Dixie Cups do a fantastic (my favorite, probably) version of the oft-covered"Iko Iko" (or "Jock-a-mo.")

"Jock-a-mo" was the original version of the song "Iko Iko" recorded by The Dixie Cups in 1965. Their version came about by accident. They were in a New York City studio for a recording session when they began an impromptu version of "Iko Iko," accompanied only by drumsticks on a coke bottle [Barbara Hawkins: "We were just clowning around with it during a session using drumsticks on ashtrays. We didn't realize that Jerry and Mike had the tapes running". ]. The tape happened to be running and session producers Leiber and Stoller added bass and drums and released it [wikip]

The bare bones beat from those Coke bottles mesh perfectly with the precise, ultra-clean, almost blase vocals. The song is about a fight between two Mardi Gras crewes, which explains the epically threatening lyrics, which kind of form the fun with the contrast to the bright melody. I've also included the version off of the Diplo/Santogold collab "Top Rankin Mixtape," which I listen to more than Santogold's (or however she spells it now) s/t. Enjoy!

ps. What??


Jim said...

Aaron Carter creeps me the fuck out, I'm sure there are deals with the Devil involved with him somewhere. He might even be Demon spawn.
Brown Eyed Girl makes me want to punch people, I've heard it far too many times at parties, weddings, shitty clubs and all sorts of other occasions, I'll die happy if I never hear it again.

Also, Aberdeen? That's... random? Should I even ask why?

(Oooh fun! My word verification thingy is "hypeesse", so I'm now going to pretend I'm dismissing something as overrated while speaking in a bad Latino accent. I never get to do that! Well, I never have a reason to at least.)

Anonymous said...

I used to play in a band you featured here previously. Please drop me an e-mail at:
since you don't have a contact link on this page...
I will give you all the info about my new band when you e-mail me (and will even mail you a 7 inch if you e-mail me).


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