Thursday, April 02, 2009


Sitting around the other night on one of the last days of my first week after spring break, which turned into a pseudo-spring break of its own, watching Youtube videos (the night started out because I just had to show my friend the video for "Roc Boys") I realized that I hadn't listened or really thought out OutKast in awhile. While the duo is still officially together (I believe), little has been heard from them in awhile. Their last collaboration was Idlewild, which came out in 2006. Statements from the two have confirmed that they are working on solo projects, which will be followed by an OutKast album proper, though this is looking like a longterm thing.

I can't really give any new information about the group. I think they are one of the more original artists around today. They prove again and again their savvy and intelligence. It's lucky that they have met a corresponding commercial success (6 Grammys, over 25 million records sold) that allows them to continue experimenting and pushing the boundaries of both music and pop. Their songs are always complex and evident of the two artists' considerable knowledge of music and its tradition. At the same time, I am not much more than a casual fan and an admirer so like I said, I won't be telling you anything new.

But I figured I'd throw up a few of their songs that were made into videos, which are always very impressive- everything from the sense of style to the narrative is spot on. I particularly recommend the West Side Story-influenced "Roses" which includes a very literal high school play interpretation of his vocal portions as well as "You speakerboxx guys! No speakerboxing. I hate speakerboxing!" Also, the track off the Idlewild sountrack has a great vid.

All tracks are through Skreemr.

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