Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

(Gas station shut down during the 1973 oil crisis and converted into a revival hall.)

Entered "Jesus" into my iTunes, got a bunch of stuff (Green Day, Johnny Cash, Moz, Hank, the usual suspects) and then realized that I didn't have the one song I suddenly realized I wanted to post. So a few minutes later, and here we are-- Paul Newman singing "Plastic Jesus" off the Cool Hand Luke Soundtrack. You can read about the origins of the song, which was inspired by a radio-pastor's corny religious heal-all products, here, and see the clip from the film, here.

Paul of STWOF just directed me to his excellent Jesus Mix, so you can party down with Jesus (and Billy Joe and Loretta)- and don't miss the Baby Jesus Grace, or as our brothers in the south call him, Jesús. I finally have the track so I can make people listen to it instead of me trying to approximate it :)


Paul said...

Great links. I love that movie and Paul Newman's rendition of this song. I posted a bunch of "Jesus" songs at Setting The Woods On Fire.

Paul said...



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