Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris

A few things-- I haven't actually gotten around yet to listening to the new Morrissey album, shame on me. But as for this vid. . . well, the dogs are cute. And Moz has already written this song, but the new words help.

With Morrissey you walk a thin line between not taking him seriously and not writing him off as a big old douchey joke (personality-wise, not in terms of his undeniable talent, though some would disagree.) It's no real secret that Mozzers takes himself seriously (I mean, the man changed his shirt on stage 4 times when I saw him), but it's harder to excuse him for the posturing when he's doing Gene Kelly dance moves (not that that's anything new) and wearing the necklace of a bohemian-rich Upper Westside woman and enough eyeshadow to make him look like Dracu-moz.

But I guess when all is said and done, it is Morrissey. And we do love Morrissey.

I love the announcer, whose supremely confident voice in saying, "First blah blah, Morrissey is throwing his arms around Paris, and why not?" is actually masking how much of a cop-out that question is as a closing clause. Um, and sorry about the TLC-esque commercial at the end. . . this one lets you embed.


Northern Jon said...

I reckon Paul Heaton is better than Morrissey. Could never really get into the Smiths. Think its his haircut...

King AdBeck said...

I once knew I guy who broke up with a girl for liking Morrissey. As for me, I just like his words and music and try to put all the rest of it aside.

Saw him on Letterman or something with a much younger female friend, who asked, "Who is this old queen?"
Ha ha ha.

Though I'm told his concerts are something to experience, regardless of your feelings for the man. Lucky you.

OlRedEyes said...

I've grown up with The Smiths. Seen countless Smiths' live shows and then on-wards (though not necessarily up-wards) to Moz shows. Truthfully, should I care to listen to The Polecats, I would, but for some reason, Moz has taken to Boz, et. al. as somehow fashionable. At any rate, I stopped listening to and seeing Moz around the time of his "fatty" days. Since then, he has become a disgusting parody of himself. Reissue, repackage indeed sir. For shame.

b said...

haha, his "fatty days"- normally i don't call people out on their weight but you know it would infuriate mozzers for all the wrong reasons. . . he does seem to be running out of ideas-- like i said, i haven't sat down with the new album, so maybe there is some gem on it, but it's not looking too promising.

"Who is this old queen?" HA! love it.

it's definitely a matter of separating the man and the music, though each is fascinating on its own.


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