Friday, February 06, 2009

Lux Interior Dead at 62

The godfathers of psychobilly, having coined the named by taking the term from a Johnny Cash song, the Cramps are really the ones who do it perfectly-- the majority of those following in the psychobilly footsteps could never duplicate the perfect marriage of sounds that the Cramps achieved. And almost none of those bands had a lead with that old school NY punk voice that could achieve those Elvis acrobatics with their voice. In much the way everyone fails to ape the Misfits (who came after the Cramps started their monster movie vintage brand of fun), nobody is able to duplicate the level of violent, sexual, campy vibe and subject matter that the Cramps managed. Read more from the mtv obit.

That said, the Cramps have always been a band that I appreciate and respect but for all that can't sit through an entire album. But once you find the tracks you like, the rest is easy enough. Here's my favorite Cramps song from my favorite Cramps album, Stay Sick! Enjoy!


King AdBeck said...

That is a bummer. I'm with you, though, the Cramps weren't exactly an album band. I got a good budget comp of their stuff years back - you know the kind with absolutely no liner notes and minimal cover art - and that's served my needs. Has a ripping version of "Shortening Bread." Favorite Cramps song title: "Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?" which I'm guessing is in answer to that old (Rufus Thomas?) soul number "Can Your Monkey Do The Dog?"

And sales of vinyl jumpsuits take a sudden unexpected plunge.

McCrank said...

UUGHHH!! What a loss. Stay Sick!

Joederus said...

this is a definate shame. poor poison ivy...i bet shes crushed. damn. last time i saw the cramps i tried to meet him and get a signature...but he was being mobbed and hopped into a car full of teenage girls and sped away. NO joke, haha. great show as always, none the less. climbing between pa spkrs 15 ft. up on nothin but a mic stand. good stuff. you will be missed Lux. hail satan. stay sick.


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