Wednesday, February 04, 2009

don't look now but i secretly like the (relatively) new spinnerette track.

Don't get me wrong- I'm still not impressed with the group. Brody Dalle's voice is processed to the point where she could be anybody (and, really, she could), and the songs aren't anything new. They're pop-- catchy hooks and well-placed "heys!"-- and listening to them makes you think, well, I guess this is what Courtney Love would be doing right now if she wasn't so busy being Courtney Love. Influences sited on the band's myspace include Roky Ericson and Black Flag, which are about as present in these tracks as warm weather is out here right now. (Frankly, it seems like Brody heard Mr Ericson and said, OMG he thinks of demons, and I sing about personal demons; we're twins!)

I would place these tracks ("Ghetto Love" and "Valium Knights"- the former being superior) under predictable but danceably grungy pop; "Ghetto Love" has a good heavy beat and "Valium Knights" is a more produced Distillers track, like if the Strokes had gotten to it. (But don't bother with the lyrics.) If it wasn't evident before, Brody Dalle feels like the vehicle, by virtue of her voice, for some better-than-standard pop, so don't expect too much.

Check it out, you might find something you like-


Northern Jon said...

Man, I checked them out. Give me Pink any day.

New Rancid album is being mixed, according to their myspace.

b said...

p!nk is definitely better- puts out better punky pop than brody dalle could. i'm glad you mentioned it because i've been meaning to post some pink tracks that i've been into recently; better get on that.

uh oh, now that i know that news, i'm going to start getting excited about the album! which is what happened last fall, too. . . hope they get that thing put together fast! (without sacrificing quality, of course.)

ken said...

I like the Spinnerettes when the mood's right, but I'd rather listen to the blood red shoes for my indie-punk fix...


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