Saturday, September 13, 2008

Zero. Coke Zero.

hello kind hearts > coronets. we're back up and running, hopefully consistently, hopefully magnificently. i'll be doing the age-old slideshow of what the hell i've been up to (don't worry, it'll be short.) i'm on my way out but i had a great urge to post something in the normal swing o' things, so here's your dose of I went to Pitchfork so you didn't hafta! for. . .

. . . a bit of the new Jack White Bond theme via Coke Zero. You can watch it at the Coke Ads blog- it's what you'd expect, your typical Bond opening ("a homage to the Bond movie franchise's highly stylised pre-credit sequences," they say), but with Coke! Zero!

The song actual does sound like Jack White meets Bond-- White Stripes chords meets jazzy, cocky Bond orchestration. Jack White's pissed that this is the way the world is hearing his song, and I guess I can't blame him since Coke Zero isn't exactly my Coke of choice. But don't listen to me, I prefer Diet (with a lime, please.) Enjoy & see you soon!

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