Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some thoughts after surfing

i. I have a newsfeed on my google homepage. Yes. I suck. But. . .

1. Thanks to the dearth of the word "Transplants" in the articles about Travis Barker on that site and elsewhere, here's your fun and games for tonight: tell me your 5 favorite Transplants songs. Go!

(in no real order, click for files)

Buy Haunted Cities & s/t.

2. Clay Aiken is gay. The reaction from fans has been one of "surprise and support." Somebody is going to hafta explain to me the whole 'surprising' part of this.


Northern Jon said...

Sad But True & Down in Oakland.

Any goss on the new Rancid album?

Anonymous said...

in addition to the ones you listed -
weigh on my mind
down in oakland
american guns
tall cans in the air

I can take or leave the rest, mostly...
now, which ones would you just as soon forget about?

b said...

hmmm that's a good question. i'll have to sit down and listen to the two albums- those that we've listed collectively are the ones i do active listening to, ad what i can't describe to it and we trusted you, but the rest are background tracks for me- though i guess diamonds and guns. . . until i heard it too much on the radio. most of them have some great hooks and samples, so to find one i actively dislike, i'd have to give them closer listens.

and i haven't heard anything about the new album, unfortunately!


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