Sunday, June 01, 2008

We're Back

Hello everyone! I guess I took an unintended haitus, during which I did not unpack like I kept saying I would. . . ANYWAY, we're back for regular posting, and I have a few announcements before that goes into effect.

1. The ever-gracious Ken provided an alternative link to the Jam Rarities album that was giving everyone problems. If (or even if you don't) grab it, MAKE SURE you head on over to Ken's blog, check his stuff out, and thank him. It was exceedingly generous of him to share the link, and you should visit his place for extraordinary, high-quality posts on music, books, movies, and anything and everything. Please make sure you do this. I'm gonna sound like someone's grandmother, but I was slightly appalled at the lack of propriety that I had been fortunate enough to have avoided upto a point. If you got pissed at me for fucking up the link, fine. But make sure you go say thank you to Ken.

2. Jim's back! He's closing down the old shop and starting a new and totally awesome project, Aye Tunes. I've updated the link but I'll leave the link to Geez Back Ma Heid! for a little while. If you haven't been there before, stop by- Jim is a fantastic dude both in person and on the page who has great taste in music and always puts together awesome posts, and I'm really excited that he's back!

3. A few changes will be coming through. I hope to widen the content in general, and this will include a shift to fewer full albums and more single tracks. This is in part because I will be out of the country and HD-less for a good part of the summer, but also because I think it will facilitate a greater amount of new and different music for readers to discover. Requests are still open, though, so feel free to drop a comment. I've added a new feature that lets me know the most recent comments, so hopefully response time will be cut in half, but go ahead and leave requests on the most recent posts anyway. And as always, let us know what you think, what you like, what you'd like to see.


Jim said...

You are quite the model of efficiancy B, you got that new link up super quick! Cheers :)

Northern Jon said...

Cheers for the new Jam link, I've been offline for a while and was a great suprise to come back to.

Anonymous said...

Stop it, you're making me blush - I was just trying to make the mean people ease up a little bit ... idiots.
Thanks for the heads up on Jim's blog, I'll get my link updated in the next few days.
Out of the country? Where are you headed?


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