Saturday, May 06, 2006

Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg - The Clash

I got such a nice comment in the last post, I was inspired to post this. I'm quite comment-starved. Ha. . . ha. . . Also, finished Passion is a Fashion the other week. It was quite depressing (you become pretty emotionally invested), and a good read. Borrowed it through the amazing NYC public library system. You request a book and it comes to you. Back home, you gotta wait like a month to get one book, and if it comes, then it's up to your local branch to decide if they want to let you know.

ANYWAY-on to the music.

This is Disc 1 of Mick Jones' original version of Combat Rock and currently circulates as a bootleg. It was determined to be too long and messy, and Glyn Johns was brought in to cut down the album and cut stuff out, resulting in the Combat Rock you've got in your home. Information can be found here. See comments for tracklist
Originally planned as a double album entitled Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg, the idea was scrapped after internal wrangling within the group. Mick Jones had produced the first cut, but the other members were dissatisfied and producing duties were handed to Glyn Johns, at which point the album became a single LP. X

This was intended to be a double album entitled 'Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg'. The rest of the band dismissed it, and called in producer Glyn Johns to cut it down to size for a single LP. All songs became shorter, and a lot tighter, with more pronounced vocals, a much 'tighter' mix musically, and less vague sound effects and extended rapping. Also, four tracks (Cool Confusion, First Night Back In London, Beautiful People and Kill Time) were cut. X
Anyway- anyone have Disc 2 or DOA or Clash on Broadway Outtakes?


Sickb(oy)! said...

1. The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too
2. Kill Time
3. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
4. Rock The Casbah
5. Know Your Rights
6. Red Angel Dragnet
7. Ghetto Defendant
8. Sean Flynn
9. Car Jamming
10. Inoculated City
11. Death Is A Star
12. Walk Evil Talk
13. Atom Tan [edit]
14. Inoculated City (Uncensored 'Combat Rock' Version)
15. First Night Back In London [edit]
16. Cool Confusion [edit]
17. Straight To Hell [Broadway version]

caitlin said...

thanks, doll!

matt said...

Thanks for this. I still got the original on vinyl. Your site rules!.

Sickb(oy)! said...

wow wow- vinyl! old school huh? glad everyone is enjoying it!

and thanks for the comments :)

KiDG said...

Cheerios mate! Would love to hear disc 2 too...

carl said...

BEen wanting to hear this for literally years. Thanks!!
Incidentally if you like the Adam and the ants stuff then you really should get their first album called "dirk wears white sox" it's incredible. A totally different band to the later stuff but amazing. Sounds totally fresh even today. anyway, thanks again for the Clash stuff
best regards

Sickb(oy)! said...

thanks for the recommendation! i'll definitely be checking that out. i was having trouble figuring out where to start album-wise.

and glad you're enjoying the clash! i will never ever be able to get enough of them.

Sickb(oy)! said...

and for those of you like me who want to check out dirk wears white sox here it is!

Anonymous said...

wooaaa.. this is truly a gem. many thanks for making it availible. you just made my weekend mate. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm fan of Clash since 1977.
Many greats thanks for all !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, for Disc 2 go here:

Anonymous said...

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