Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Times on 'Latter-Day Rude Boy Fashion': Swing and a Miss

I know my audience so I'm pretty sure you guys will get a kick (in a bad way) out of this photoshoot the New York Times magazine did recently, and not just because the outfits clock in between $400-$1000 or because the last photo in the series has puffy lady sleeves. I can't even imagine who suddenly decided this would be a good idea.


Jim said...

I knew my puffy shirt would have it's day!

King AdBeck said...

Remember in Sid and Nancy, when Sid says, "Don't wanna be a punk anymore. Wanna be a rude boy like my da." ? I'll bet Sid's "da" never wore a shirt that looked more like a ladies skirt with a pair o' black leggings!

Northern Jon said...

he he


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