Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Stormtroopers! STORMTROOPERS!

"Stupid Garbage Compactor. . ." Property of JD Hancock

JD Hancock, whose Flickr stream you can check out here, has put together an awesome and fun set of stormtrooper action figure shots-- a sort of behind the scenes/day in the life of the average Imperial ground troops complete with really, really wonderfully bad puns. It's a welcome addition, especially since the stormtrooper gets no respect, ever since Lucas decided they were all clones. (Anybody keeping up with the EU stuff? Are classic trilogy troopers clones?) Anyway, Hancock's photos are a passel of delightful miniature fun, and if you like what's up there, checking out the other pictures is time well spent. Also check out this creative reproduction of Jabba's palace (or whatever seedy place Boba Fett stopped at en route to Tattoine with a Bith band.)

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