Saturday, March 21, 2009

best picture ever

Hey all- I've been on spring break right now-- houseguests, tourists, a lot of walking, exhaustion, papers due oops!-- but we'll be back up and running in the next week.

For now, this is my favorite new photo, taken at the Ellis Island museum (definitely worth the visit) where I was at on Monday. There's something about the pure tragedy of the girl's face and the bemused, edging towards the edge of patience of the boy that keeps me from deciding if I should feel pity, especially in light of the history behind it, or indulge in the humor. Either way, they need hugs. And they have tiny shoes.

The Pogues - Thousands Are Sailing

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ken said...

What a great picture (the doll has tiny feet, too!) , they DO look like they need hugs...I think it's okay to respond to the humor and still feel pity for the fear and confusion and the sense of loss that's been captured by the photographer - the song you've linked expresses the emotion and the spirit of the image perfectly - God bless Shane!

Thanks for the Ernie Ford--really good stuff...

King AdBeck said...

Ha ha! The boy looks like Billy Bragg.


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