Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Gregory Brothers and Sarah Fullen: 75% Brothers, 25% Babe

Er, I started writing this last spring and never got around to finishing and now have done gone and forgot what I meant to say.... Oooops, there's the lazy me again. Sorry. And sorry that this is such as lazily done post.

The Gregory Brothers and Sarah Fullen:

Group from Brooklyn, playing soulish/folkish/rockish something. They are three brothers (Andrew + Evan + Michael Gregory) plus a female vocalist (Sarah Fullen) who shares the singing duties with all the brothers. They've come to our campus three times, twice last year, and are really nice people, and are awfully cute too. (Plus they sang me "Happy Birthday" this year when they were here, about 15 minutes before my birthday; it was a nice surprise. Score one in their favor.) I'm really bad at describing music but I highly recommend seeing them and listening to them; they are really enjoyable. You can listen to songs/watch youtube videos via the links below.

Andrew Rose Gregory's website here
Gregory Brothers' Myspace here
Sarah Fullen's Myspace here


Jim said...

A lazy post is better than no post, some of us were worried :P

b said...

word- now i gotta stop being lazy! hopefully we'll be back soon. midterms/papers/finals hit me harder than i thought they would!!


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