Monday, January 17, 2011

"David Watts" The Kinks ≤ The Jam

The Kinks - -

The Jam - -

There's something about the Jam's version that makes me come back to it more often than the Kinks' original. It might be the slightly "harder" sound, but both are honestly great in my book so it's kind of a toss-up.


King AdBeck said...

I thought you might like to know, though you may already, that Mike Ness / Social Distortion just did a Daytrotter session.


It's so rare that I know about anything cool that I had to share it!

ジョン said...

The Housemartins - Caravan of Love is better than the original.

b said...

thanks for the heads up re: social d! i didn't know; actually i didn't even know their album was out last week until i saw something about it on the internet (in my defense they've changed the date on that thing so many times i wasn't bothering to follow up anymore :p) haven't had a chance to sit down and give it a listen yet, but i've heard fairly good things!

jon-- i agree. i think the original suffers from the times it was made. it's pretty busy, and the stripped-down version is a little less. . . dated? though i do love those isleys.


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