Friday, December 03, 2010

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So, guys-- do you agree with Wired that "The Age of Music Piracy is Officially Over"? I don't, especially because I was never downloading things because I didn't like the sound quality offered by Apple. (Actually, this whole thing is probably just an article sponsored by Apple. Cos they would do that, I tell you. My secret shame is that I have an iPod, but happily not one track on there was purchased via iTunes-- which can I say has been annoying the heck outta me? I've made the informed decision, after trying out version 9 or whatever, to go back down to 7, which I like fine. I might have mentioned this before. But all the recent updates have just been add-ons to get you to buy music-- Genius thing, or whatever. And that really annoying feature where it scrolls back to whatever song starts playing, so if you were browsing around in the Rs but listening to, say, your Justin Bieber music, it scrolls back up to that part of the alphabet when the next song plays? That drives me batshit. for real.)

I do find that it's harder to find new releases to nab, but what the hell. This is actually relevant because I think someone requested on a dusty old post for a file reupload-- I just can't track down what it was. I'm very sorry to say that, as you guys recall, I've had to change my policy to no more full album uploads. Keep in mind, though, it's pretty easy to do a Google search or to convert, say, Youtube audios into mp3s, so best of luck to you, sir or madam!


Jim said...

That really annoys me too, especially because my iTunes has the reaction time of a tortoise with Alzheimers, so I'll find the next song I want to play, try and start it with 2 seconds of the song currently playing left, then get rage when it doesn't work.

I probably steal less now, but that's mostly because I (a) get loads of stuff free now I'm all legit and stuff and (b) there's less stuff around I want to have due to the massive amounts of free stuff I have to try and get through.

That all sounds very whiny, doesn't it? "oh no, people keep sending me ALL THIS MUSIC"

b said...

haha nah actually i think it's awesome what you've been able to do with your site! now you're too legit to quit.

and yeah, iTunes 10 or whatever got super slow on my computer. it was driving me nuts.


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