Saturday, November 27, 2010

um i think this is funny because i am a 14 year old boy. i also love fart jokes.

Actually, I don't-- I can't stand fart jokes. Or rather, I don't find them funny in the slightest. Which I believe was the subject of a South Park episode? If you believe them, it's men who like fart jokes. Now I'm sure there's some ladies out there who find them hilarious, too, so whatever, but let me tell you-- fart jokes have been around forever and they cross international borders faster than cocaine and immigrants seeking a better life. We read in my Asian texts class (I mention this because I honestly couldn't tell you what the text was) some, like, 6th century Japanese text that was a three page fart joke. Nothing was lost in translation. And I'm pretty sure the Decameron or Canterbury Tales is full of them. Those funny little history people: according to Wikipedia, the "word fart is one of the oldest words in the English vocabulary."

SO-- I'm not sure what I signed up for that won me all this free spam (I am convinced it was Skype). Usually these things use a slower approach. They mention the low price, the effectiveness, ]how it will improve your life & relationships. But this one I got is almost revolutionary in its refusal to mince words. Even the name doesn't fuck around. I mean, I could write a postmodernist underground hit right now: "Make your dick good." Art fucking sucks. Spam does too. As a bonus: "Creamy Spam Broccoli Casserole." Ick.


Jim said...

I have a sort of grudging respect for spam that doesn't fuck about, doesn't act like it isn't spam, just says "hey, I'm spam, fuck you". At least it is honest.
I also don't like fart jokes.

b said...

haha, right? it's the difference between somebody smacking you in the face or sneaking around back and getting at you.

it reminds me of that alan partridge bit on how arrows are deceitful:
at the end of this clip

"I hate archers, The Archers, and Jeffrey Archer. You're all deceitful cowards. I've just realised this only applies to archers and Jeffrey Archer, and not The Archers, who are, to be fair, a mixed bag."

yay! another in the fart jokes just aren't that funny, guys, camp.


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